Optimus Prep specializes exclusively in GMAT preparation and offers, for fair prices, course participants an optimal service based on their individual needs. In contrast to competitors, we provide private tutoring for considerably lower prices and thereby give students greater access to the best possible preparation. Our unique teaching method has helped numerous students to achieve their target test scores.


why optimus prep

Our aim is to prepare course participants with maximum efficiency at reasonable prices, laying the foundation for their future academic careers. In this process, we want to treat each participant individually to change his or her weaknesses into strengths. Therefore we work with only the best native-speaker tutors worldwide and assure an optimal preparation for comparably low prices.


our tutors

Our tutors have long backgrounds and much experience in the field of test preparation. Every tutor has achieved an extraordinarily high score and is highly motivated to pass his or her knowledge on to course participants. To provide optimal preparation, each tutor gives lectures in only his or her specific field. All Optimus Prep tutors have scored in the 99th percentile of their lectured test and belong therefore to the top 1% of test takers worldwide.
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