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Optimus Prep™ was started in 2011 with the vision of providing elite test prep services for a reasonable rate. We employ only the best tutors and have developed a unique approach how to optimally study for the GMAT by combining our award-winning GMAT On Demand course with private tutoring. Our aim is to prepare course participants with maximum efficiency and for reasonable prices for the GMAT to lay the foundation for their future academic career. In the process, we want to treat each participant individually to change his weaknesses to strengths. By offering a diversified course schedule we want to offer every student an appropriate course for his needs. Additionally, we try to reach GMAT test takers from all over the world to enable them to prepare optimally from home by offering highly innovative online courses. We don’t want to just provide GMAT courses, but to go along with participants over the complete way until they successfully reach their target GMAT score.


What Makes Us Different

Your success is our mission and we will focus entirely on your personal needs. We accomplish this by offering extremely individualized services. Therefore, it is no wonder that our GMAT On Demand Course is among the best rated GMAT courses in the industry. Our private tutoring packages beat the competition of service and price. A combination of these both prep options is our specialization and your guarantee for success! This is also the reason why the GMAT On Demand Course is included for free in the 23 or 34-hour private tutoring packages (online or in-person) – it gives you all you need to ace the GMAT!


Our Score Improvement Guarantee

We have the most transparent GMAT score improvement guarantee in the industry. If you sign up for the GMAT On Demand Course you are eligible for a 50 points improvement or full refund guarantee. You have to submit your last official GMAT score or take our diagnostic test in advance. If you have watched all video lessons, did all homework assignments, quizzes and all included GMAT practice tests and did not improve by at least 50 points on your next GMAT attempt, you will get a full refund with no questions asked! The 34-hour private tutoring package (online or in-person) offers even a 700 points or full refund guarantee which is unique in the entire test prep industry!


“At the end I scored 720 points in the GMAT. It took several month but when i saw my score i knew it was worth it.”

“My prep took about 2 months or so and then I went to the test center to take it. I am very happy and scored a 720! I can recommend Optimus Prep’s 34-hour tutoring package…”

“I took the GMAT today and scored a 710. I am the happiest person in the world! Thank you, Optimus Prep!”



On average, our clients improve by 110 points – by far the highest improvement of any GMAT prep company in the industry!


Optimus Prep’s GMAT pyramid illustrates our approach how to teach. In the first step, you build a foundation and learn all relevant verbal and quantitative GMAT concepts. Our GMAT On Demand Course is perfectly suited because it covers all concepts from A-Z and was especially designed for non-natives or people who are out of school for years. In the second step, you will learn how to use these concepts to answer all question types of the GMAT. Your tutor will be of tremendous help here. It doesn’t make sense to practice a lot of GMAT questions without having the general knowledge from the previous step of the pyramid. In the third step, you will learn how to exploit your full potential by implementing test strategies like time or stress management.

GMAT On Demand Course

Our GMAT On Demand Course is a unique individualized online preparation platform designed for those who want to prepare for the GMAT at their own pace and get high test scores.

What is included?
  • 5,500 questions with detailed explanations
  • Video lessons covering all concepts from A-Z
  • 9 GMAT practice tests
  • Unlimited customized quizzes
  • Analytic tools to keep track of your progress
  • Adaptive software that constantly adjusts to your personal knowledge level to guarantee the most effective GMAT preparation

Our Tutors

Our tutors are experienced GMAT veterans who have helped numerous students to optimally prepare for the GMAT. Every tutor has achieved an extraordinarily high GMAT score and is highly motivated to pass his or her knowledge on to course participants. To provide an optimal preparation each tutor analyzes the diagnostic test results of the student and then creates an individual study plan based on the results. The aim is to identify and eliminate the weakness areas. During and between the lessons the tutors are of tremendous help to the students due to their insider knowledge and experience. We highly recommend to take a free and non-committal online trial hour before signing up. This gives students a risk free chance to meet the future tutor and get a feeling for online private tutoring via the best e-learning software on the market.



Optimus Prep™ is the perfect company for you if

  • You want to score 700+
  • Want to get into the leading business schools worldwide
  • You are looking for individual treatment and attention for your personal goals
  • Are serious about your academic future



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