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Master The GMAT With The Help Of A 99th Percentile Expert Tutor

“My tutor George helped me to learn all GMAT concepts from A-Z. Thanks to him I scored 720 with only 2 months of preparation.”

– Lamin, Wharton School Of Business Graduate




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All Optimus Prep™ tutors belong to the top 1% of GMAT test takers worldwide!

  • 12 Hours With a 99th Percentile GMAT Expert Tutor ONLY $150/hr.
  • IDEAL FOR: You Need Help In Either The Verbal Or Quant Test Part To Polish Your Skills
  • On Demand Course With 5,500 Questions and Explanations – ONLY $99
  • Ø GMAT Score of Clients: 660 Pts.
  • No GMAT Score Improvement Guarantee
  • 8 GMAT Practice Tests
Most Popular
  • 23 Hours With a 99th Percentile GMAT Expert Tutor ONLY $140/hr.
  • IDEAL FOR: You Want To Score In The Area Around 700 Points – Our Most Popular Prep Option
  • On Demand Course With 5,500 Questions and Explanations Included
  • Ø GMAT Score of Clients: 690 Pts.
  • 50 points Improvement or Full Refund Guarantee
  • 16 GMAT Practice Tests
  • GMATCLUB Tests Included
  • 34 Hours With a 99th Percentile GMAT Expert Tutor ONLY $130/hr.
  • IDEAL FOR: You Are Really Serious About The GMAT  Around 70% Of Our Clients Score 700+
  • On Demand Course With 5,500 Questions and Explanations Included
  • Ø GMAT Score of Clients: 710 Pts.
  • 700+ GMAT Score or Full Refund Guarantee
  • 20 GMAT Practice Tests
  • GMATCLUB Tests Included
  • Individual Study Plan Based On Your Diagnostic Test
  • Premium Section – Numerous Articles, Videos, etc.  

If you want effective and comprehensive GMAT prep, Optimus Prep is the key to your success.

It’s a fact that private tutoring is the most effective way to learn and prepare for a test, and at Optimus Prep that’s exactly what we offer. We provide an affordable and flexible way to receive the one-on-one guidance needed to fully exploit your potential when taking the GMAT. 


This is the most important test of your life, why prepare all by yourself?

All our tutors scored in the 99th percentile of the actual the GMAT and therefore belong to the top 1% of test takers worldwide! You won’t find anyone more qualified and knowledgeable about the GMAT. 


Our unique approach is what sets us apart.

When you sign up for your personal tutoring package, you’ll notice the Optimus Prep difference right from the beginning. We start with a diagnostic test to understand your current level. These results will be reviewed by your tutor prior to your first tutoring session so that from day one, you have a personalized and individual study plan to work from. With this outline established you will proceed through our comprehensive GMAT On Demand Course in addition to the private tutoring sessions. Your individual study plan will be adjusted based on your progress. The combination of our GMAT On Demand Course, private tutoring and multiple highly realistic practice tests, practically guarantees your success on the GMAT. 


A few details about your options

We offer three tutoring packages, each tailored to match your specific needs and situation. Our first package is the 12 hour package. This is a great starting point for those looking to focus on only one specific section of the test – verbal or quantitative. It will give you enough time to refine the topics you are unsure of and includes eight practice tests to solidify your preparation. With this option, our average client score is approximately 660. The GMAT On Demand Course is not included in this package but can be added for only $99.

Our second package is our most popular package. This is the option to choose if you are serious about GMAT test preparation and aim to cover all topics in full detail. With this package you will receive 23 hours of personalized tutoring tailored to your specific needs. You will have access to 5,500 questions and explanations, and get 16 full GMAT practice tests. The GMAT On Demand Course is included for free in this package and the average client score is approximately 690.

Our third option is for students looking to score 700+. 70% of our clients who choose this tutoring option score 700 or higher. This package includes 34 hours of personalized tutoring and an individual study plan based on your diagnostic test, giving you the perfect roadmap for preparation. This prep option is the only one in the industry that offers a 700 score or full refund guarantee! In addition to all the benefits provided in the 23 hours package, this package not only gives you access to 20 practice tests, but also access to our premium section with numerous videos, articles, and study resources.



It’s time to begin your preparation.

The Optimus Prep methods are proven and effective. Nowhere else will you find the quality of tutors that are dedicated to your success. With each session you will find their expertise and insight to be the key for unlocking your full potential when taking the GMAT.

  • You will see test taking in a different light.
  • You will learn new ways to approach problems you’ve never before considered.
  • You will acquire strategies that will catapult your scores from mediocre to exceptional.
  • You will master the skills needed to achieve the score you’ve always wanted.


Your future is bright!

Imagine for a minute what it will feel like when you walk out of the GMAT testing center to find you’ve scored over 700. Imagine the doors that will open, and the possibilities it will present! All of the hours of hard work and preparation will have finally paid off. With a top GMAT score, you will be in control of your future!


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