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Master The Verbal Part Of The GMAT!
Optimized For Students Out Of School For Years!

“Optimus Prep’s GMAT on demand course had everything I needed to successfully prepare for my GMAT. I was able to study from home and watch the video lessons on my mobile devices. The course is not only convenient but also very effective.”

– Varun, Verbal Booster Client Graduate





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  • GMAT Verbal Booster Without Tutoring 
  • IDEAL FOR: Students Who Want To Study Without A Tutor For The Verbal Test Part 
  • 100+ Hrs. Material
  • 4 Points Verbal Improvement or Full Refund Guarantee
  • 3,000 Questions and Explanations
  • 9 GMAT Practice Test Included
  • Analytic features and Adaptive System
  • Up To 12 Months Access
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  • GMAT Verbal Booster + 5 Hours Online Tutoring
  • IDEAL FOR: Students Who Want To Mainly Study Alone But Can Discuss Questions With An Expert
  • 100+ Hrs. Material
  • 4 Points Improvement or Full Refund Guarantee
  • 3,000 Questions and Explanations
  • 12 GMAT Practice Test Included
  • Analytic features and Adaptive System
  • Up To 12 Months Access
  • GMATCLUB Tests Included



  • GMAT Verbal Booster + 12 Hours Online Tutoring
  • IDEAL FOR: Students Who Want To Effectively Combine the GMAT Verbal Booster With Online Tutoring
  • 100+ Hrs. Material
  • 4 Points Improvement or Full Refund Guarantee
  • 3,000 Questions and Explanations
  • 15 GMAT Practice Test Included
  • Analytic features and Adaptive System
  • Up To 12 Months Access
  • GMATCLUB Tests Included
  • Premium Section – Numerous Articles, Videos, etc.

You want to improve your GMAT verbal score effectively?

Our comprehensive GMAT verbal booster is a unique individualized online preparation platform designed for those who want to prepare for the quant. part of the GMAT at their own pace and get high test scores. In the included GMAT video lessons, we cover all question types and review optimal solution processes. The verbal test part is discussed in detail to provide an optimal resource for your GMAT preparation. This course covers ALL concepts from the very beginning and is especially valuable for  people who have been out of school for several years.


Adaptive Technology


The GMAT verbal booster is adaptive and constantly analyzes and identifies your personal weakness areas. The system will give you exact recommendations which lessons to review and which questions types you should study more intensively. You can compare the adaptive system to a virtual GMAT tutor who will assist you during your GMAT prep!

GMAT Lessons

Each of the interactive video lessons starts at a very basic level and leads to the advanced theory you will need on the test. All rules and formulas are explained in detail and demonstrated by application to real GMAT questions. You can watch any lesson again, whenever you want to, as often as you wish. These lessons will be a great help during your online GMAT training.

CAT (Computer Adaptive Test)


You get not only the ability to generate an unprecedented number of online GMAT practice tests but also to access 9 full-length GMAT online sample exams. These tests duplicate the adaptive algorithm of the actual GMAT and are the most accurate way to track your progress and predict your score. These tests draw from a pool of continually updated and recalibrated questions to provide you with a realistic GMAT experience. Every practice question on our platform contains detailed explanations that show you the best way to approach the question and make it clear why the correct answer is correct and the wrong answers are wrong. This will help you sharpen your test taking skills and build a solid base on top of theory from books or classroom.

Powerful Analytic Tools

Our powerful analytic tools enable you to advance from assuming that you have some weak areas to knowing exactly what your weak areas are. The GMAT tests so many concepts and skills that it is easy to become confused about what you are really good at and where you need improvement.


Our powerful analytic tools help you detect patterns and gaps in your knowledge and skills that unlock the astonishing power of targeted practice. These findings help you concentrate on improving exactly what you need to strengthen instead of wasting your precious time on practice just for the sake of practice.

Analytics is the process of capturing, storing, and analyzing data to yield insight. At its core, is a set of complex mathematical algorithms used to discover and interpret patterns in detailed data.

Highly Effective Targeted Practice

What separates our GMAT verbal booster from the rest of the crowd is that you can create as many of your own practice tests as you want, using our Test Generator and the more than 3,000 verbal GMAT practice questions in our database. You can select the difficulty level of your test questions, the question categories, the number of questions, and timing.

Moreover, you can make your customized online GMAT practice tests adaptive—you don’t have to adapt to our tests; you can make your own tests that adapt to your performance, ensuring that you get the most from your practice sessions. The testing system we use assures that the difficulty of your practice tests adapts to your performance, just as the real test will do. With this excellent platform for online GMAT practice, you will enjoy a focused and efficient approach to practice that will maximize your test scores.


Lesson Transcripts

Are you uncertain what formulas or rules you should memorize? Do you hate to scroll through long, complex study guides to filter relevant formulas and then write them out? Our GMAT verbal booster already has that information sorted and organized in your lesson transcripts. Each lesson includes all pertinent study material arranged in lists of formulas and sets of rules you must memorize. With Optimus Prep’s verbal. booster you no longer have to spend hours looking for the material you have to learn; you can use your precious time learning, not searching. Download a lesson transcript, and one mouse-click gets you all study material you need.


Knowledge Base


Another amazing feature of GMAT verbal booster is the knowledge base, a well-organized compilation of study material. You can search for information by alphabet, by topic, or by keyword.


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